We are a German telemarketing agency with 25 years' experience in the German speaking market. We help you to present your products and services in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. All of our agents are German native speakers.

Gaining customers Presenting offers Implementing ideas

This is what we can do for you.

The success of our daily work proves our professionalism. Our skills enable us to respond competently to specific customers' needs by presenting them with our individual solutions.

Your business success is our goal.

What is so special about telemarketing?

The most effective way to reach out to new customers is by directly speaking to them. You can get your message across to potential customers - individually adapted and much faster. E-mails or advertising cannot replace personal contact which conveys your message directly and convincingly.

A sincere, straightforward approach and relevant questions help to assess the customer's requirements and determine if and when the particular products and services on offer are appropriate.

This enables you not only to find companies for whom your offer is not only currently interesting but also those that have future potential. Added to which, personal contact over the telephone allows you to react immediately to enquiries and objections raised by the customer.

More than 80% of all business communication takes place over telephone.

It is not only leading business companies and service providers that rely on the direct dialogue of telemarketing. Medium-sized companies and freelancers repeatedly make use of this successful means of communication.

There are always 3 good reasons!

individual concept

Our focus is always on the assignment and the customer. We strive for exceptional results. We respond to your specific wishes. We also provide appropriate solutions for more extensive projects.

price conscious

Our prices are considerably lower than what you would pay for large call centers. This this is due to the stringently cost conscious organization of our operation by which avoids expensive administrative procedures.
This cost advantage is directly passed on to you.


Contrary to many agencies the members of our team are permanent employees and their salaries are not commission based. This is your best guarantee that we provide good and above all reliable results.


Guarantees? Here they are!